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We know that all gamers and painters like nothing more than a good bargain.

Here you'll find a selection of Bundle Deals that are currently available.

D&D® Undead Bundle

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This D&D® bundle gives you two perfectly compatible paint sets from the Dungeons & Dragons® Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments range: The D&D® Adventurers Paint Set and the D&D® Undead Paint Set.

Consider yourself equipped for any painting challenge, you may meet in the underworld, with this set of 20 paints, a matching Skeleton Bone Primer and plastic glue to assemble the free Acererak included. As always, the D&D® Adventurers Paint Set also includes a free D&D® Starter Paint Brush and a free Minsc The Ranger & Boo miniature.

1 x D&D® Adventurers Paint Set
1 x D&D® Undead Paint Set
1 x Skeleton Bone Primer
1 x Plastic Glue


D&D® Complete Bundle

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This complete one-click bundle gives you the full range of Dungeons & Dragons® Nolzur's Marvelous Pigments range: 66 D&D® Warpaints, 4 D&D® Brushes and 4 fantastic D&D® miniatures made by Gale Force 9!

Included you'll also find a set of 100 Mixing Balls to complete your painting experience. These 5,5 mm stainless high-grade steel Mixing Balls will blend medium and pigment perfectly together, with a few shakes of your paint bottle.

1 x D&D® Adventurers Paint Set
1 x D&D® Monsters Paint Set
1 x D&D® Nolzur's Marvelous Brush Set
1 x D&D® Underdark Paint Set
1 x D&D® Undead Paint Set
1 x Mixing Balls (100 pcs)


New Releases

Masterclass: Dr.. $19.99
D&D Undead Pain.. $24.99
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Sneak Peaks

Gamemaster: Dun.. $99.99
D&D Undead Pain.. $24.99
Metallic Colour.. $32.50
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